Art Gallery Displays Work At The Art Bar In Rhinebeck

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Art Bar Renaissance Art And Collectibles

When you visit Rhinebeck, NY, make sure you stop by the Art Bar to see art work from Renaissance Art & Collectibles. At the Art Gallery in Rhinebeck New York you will find sculptures by Raymond Wiger on display. Raymond Wiger is a wire-mesh sculptor, from Taos, New Mexico, is known around the country and the world for his breathtaking wire-mesh sculptures. Born in Washington, D.C. he studied art at the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Wiger began sculpting in the medium of wire-mesh in the late 1980′s while working as a park ranger for the National Park Service. Mr. Wiger relies on anatomical studies for his work and uses no models or photographs. Over the years he has shown his work in galleries from San Diego to Key West to Amsterdam and has done many private commissions. He has worked on collaborative works with photographer David Morgan and his sculpture has been seen on Good Morning America, the Travel Channel and PBS.

Raymond Wiger’s Work At Renaissance Art & Collectibles in Millbrook

Art Gallery Rhinebeck New York

Wire Mesh Sculpture Raymond WigerWire Mesh Sculpture Artist

Wire-mesh Artist

Wire Mesh Sculpture Artist

Wire Mesh Sculpture Raymond Wiger

Wire Mesh Sculpture Raymond Wiger Wire Mesh Sculpture Raymond Wiger


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