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Art Gallery Catskill New YorkA New Catskill Art Gallery With Old World Charm

We are excited about opening our gallery doors and sharing some of the art that has made a lasting impression on me as an art dealer. I have been luck enough to be able to travel the world and meet very talented artist and  make friends along the way. When you step into our Catskill Gallery, you will find art from easter Europe from countries like Bulgaria and cities like Prague. Please feel free to ask my about the artist, the city, the country and anything else you would like to know. I can give you tips on the best places to eat in Prague. The first artist I would like to speak to is Raymond Wiger.

Catskill Art Gallery Introduces Raymond Wiger

I am lucky enough to hold exclusive rights to represent American wire-mesh sculptor, Raymond Wiger. Raymond is an artist, sculptor, painter, photographer, writer, and poet, Raymond Wiger’s works are found in galleries and collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Wire Mesh Sculpture Artist

Wire Mesh Sculpture Raymond Wiger

Art Gallery Curator Corner

” It is my job to introduce everyone in Millbrook and New York to this wonderful artistic time period and to the art buying and art collecting market” – Libertad (owner)

Libertad DeBoisblanc is an interior designer, art dealer, world traveler, and a sometime Culinary Institute student. Libertad has assembled an extensive inventory, and spends much of her time trying to pass her love for the arts onto art collectors via education and gallery exhibitions. You are welcome to join us.

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