New Art Gallery Millbrook New York

New Art Gallery Millbrook, New York


A New Home for a New Art Gallery In Millbrook, New York

Renaissance Art & Collectibles is a new Art Gallery located in a town that is neither new to the owner, Libertad DeBoisblanc, nor is art and art galleries strange to Millbrook. A town with a rich history of welcoming art such as original paintings, sculptures, and old work treasures is of course, the perfect place for an international art gallery.

International Art Gallery in Millbrook New York

Libertad DeBoisblanc is a world traveler, an art dealer and an educator who is excited about bringing new art to the the Village of Millbrook. Mrs. DeBoisblanc’s art collection includes paintings  by South American artist, North American sculptures, and Easter European artisans. Be sure to ask about her background as an interior designer, art collector and atique furniture dealer who has always enjoyed finding and sharing artistic treasures from around the world.

Why An Art Gallery in Millbrook New York?

Millbrook is home to art with a population open to art, new ideas and a champion of small businesses being successful.

Millbrook is the right place to share our love for the arts and we are excited to learn more about the Millbrook Village.

-Libertad DeBoisblanc

Renaissance Art and Collectibles strives to present art which encourages and helps support the educational and social activities of the Village of Millbrook. Forming relationships with  local  musicians, painters, actors and all creative people is part of the company mission.

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