A New Art Gallery In Millbrook, New York

New Art Gallery in Millbrook New York

The New Art Gallery In Millbrook New York is easy to find:

3278 Franklin Ave
Millbrook, NY 12545

Support For Art In Millbrook New York

As with any small business there is hope the local community is supportive and that the  local business structure and community efforts will be able to support your new business endeavor. The Millbrook Village is not a very large village, yet the village has a reputation for supporting  the arts. The Millbrook Arts Group  is an organization created to present, encourage, support and coordinate cultural, educational, and social activities in the Village of Millbrook.

A Gallery Curated By An Experienced Art Dealer

Libertad DeBoisblanc curates the Renaissance Art and Collectibles collection. As an entrepreneur, experienced interior designer, art dealer and world-traveler, Libertad believes Millbrook is a great town to introduce her international art collection.

International Art Gallery Millbrook New York

Once inside the gallery you will find that  the art is from cities and countries (The Ukraine, Bulgaria Prague, and Argentina) you have only read about in spy novels. As you learn more about the gallery you will discover there are two world-renowned painters, both Argentinian, represented at the gallery.

Learn more about  Jorge Sarsale and German Tessarolo 

Visit the new art gallery in Millbrook New York. 



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